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The Fields

The Fields

Cut Flowers

As well as growing traditional crops, pumpkins, and apples, we have also started to grow a range of cut flowers on the farm. This all ties in with our determination and desire to do more to protect our wider environment and educate people further about what can be grown here in the UK and in Scotland. Scotland’s cut flower industry is growing. With an increased awareness about the detrimental impact that importing cut flowers has on the environment, Kilduff now grows a wide range of cut flowers including dahlias, gladioli, sunflowers and tulips, which are grown for gifting and events, allowing us to bring a little slice of our extended garden to you.

Experimental Fields

Russ is never content unless there is some sort of experiment bubbling in his head or growing in the fields. New to the farm in 2023 is an experimental area, to allow us to trial different crops here in East Lothian on a small scale and which can then be taken from the field to the kitchen. Our first plots include Rhubarb and horseradish! Watch this space for more experiments as Russ’s imagination ignites like wildfire.

The Fields

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